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"I’ve seen many business leaders and team members succumb to the pressures of stress as they try relentlessly to achieve their targets. They push to the limits and then crack. That doesn't do anyone any good, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Placing your teams under intense stress won’t magically result in high performance, and it could have negative impacts. However, getting things done to a tight deadline is often necessary, so it’s about getting the balance right. What is interesting is that well-managed stress can actually increase the performance of those it affects, enabling high performing teams to better achieve their targets. As a leader, it's about knowing how to best create this balance.

An interesting body of research I have been reading shows that stress, if managed well, has the ability to increase the performance of those it affects, as well, interestingly, as increasing life expectancy. This is in contrast to the established view that all stress in the workplace is negative. Going back to basics, the stress reaction is a result of being placed in a difficult or dangerous situation. It’s the "fight or flight" response in action, preparing the body and mind to be at their peak performance to deal with whatever is threatening."