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 U.S. Now World's Leading Natural Gas Producer

According to the BP 2014 statistical world energy review, the U.S. has achieved world-leading natural gas production, by reaching a new all-time high of 328 billion cubic feet per day (BCPD).

World usage of natural gas is about 24% of all primary energy consumed, behind oil's 33% and coal's 30%. Over the past five years, U.S. natural gas production has grown over 20%.

This is obviously due to the capturing of natural gas as a by-product to the massive shale expansion, as the shale "fracking" revolution seems to continue its unprecedented growth. No other global energy-producing nation has come close to matching U.S. production gains, while leap-frogging Russia in 2009, along with Qatar and Iran, previous global natural gas leadership aspirants.

In 2013, U.S. production accelerated in earnest by achieving 20.5% of the global natural gas supply. Russia is the lagging runnerup. Iran, in third place has trailed far behind, while Canada has attained fifth place position by closing in on Qatar.

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