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CAD Unlimited Offers Planning, Scheduling and Cost Control with PMP Drone Management

BlackRock Resources offers the latest in project management for construction companies with their line of construction drones. Construction drones support planning and scheduling, pre construction aerial views, progress reporting, schedule and risk management and more. Our drones even carry advanced drone technology that offers LIDAR and thermal imaging to meet all of your project management needs.

  • Planning – Using Drone Management
  • Scheduling—Using Drone Integration
  • Cost Control—Verifi cation Via Drone Videos
  • Project Management—Overview of Entire Project Via Drone Video


Planning & Scheduling Using Drone Integration

  • Actual Pipeline Layout Aerial View
  • Progress Reporting Verifi cation
  • Schedule Analysis & Risk Mitigation
  • Planning VerificationProfessional Engineering (PE) Licenses


Pipeline Layout Preconstruction Aerial Review

  • Pipeline Aerial View
  • Road Crossings
  • ROW Clearance
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Preconstruction Review
  • Determining Route Selection
  • Identifying Bottlenecks
  • Mitigating Risk


Progress Reporting Verification

  • Ability to Know Exactly What is Complete
  • Ability to See in Real Time Actual Progress
  • Ability to Identify Move-Arounds
  • Ability to Help Contractors See Obstacles
  • Ability to Aid Management in Decision Making
  • Ability to Help Management Properly Assess Changes


Schedule & Risk Analysis

  • Drones Can Aid in Identifying Delays
  • Rain, Water and Wetlands
  • Obstacles
  • Rock, Land, Terrain and Pre-Existing Structures
  • Drones Can Show Contractors Bottle Necks
  • They Can Demonstrate & Identify Areas of Concern
  • Assist Contractors to be Able to Plan Ahead Early Leak Detection & Hot Spots
  • Documentation for Land Owners to See the Battery Limits
  • Legal Proof of No Damage to Property


Planning Validation & Progress Reporting

  • With the Ability to See Real Time
  • The Ability to Take Dimensional Distances
  • Undeniable Documentation
  • Proof Positive of Actual Progress
  • Ability to Calculate Earned Values
  • The Ability to Determine Actual Cost to Date
  • Forecast Estimate to Complete


Value Added

  • Thermal Detection
  • Smart Pipeline Monitoring
  • Thermal Compressor Station Viewing
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Construction Progress
  • Sensitive Area Monitoring
  • Location to Residences
  • Obstruction Avoidances
  • Equipment Identification


Thermal Imaging

Watch Thermal Video

  • Power Lines
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Turbines
  • Heaters
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Gas Distribution and Transmission Lines
  • Pipelines
  • Offshore Platforms and Inspections


Laser Ranging and Measuring

  • Refineries
  • LNG Terminals
  • Chemical Plants
  • TLP’s
  • Semi-submersibles


LIDAR Imaging

Watch LIDAR Video

  • Bridges
  • Major Structural Steel
  • Civil TOPO’s
  • Water Ways
  • Land Surveying
  • Pipelines


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